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About us

Roelof Vermeulen

Managing Director & co-founder of iBEST Africa

Roelof VermeulenRoelof is the founder of iBEST Africa and a principal consultant for more than 22 years in Digital, e-commerce and Information Technology with more than 10 years’ experience in Strategy, IT, Consulting, Project management, Enterprise Architecture and Business Analysis, both locally and internationally – largely in the Financial Services and e-commerce industry.

Once ranked amongst the top Online Marketing Specialists internationally, Roelof boasts a wide variety of expert skills that combine into a well-informed, lateral thinking entrepreneurial leader.

Roelof builds winning teams and takes pride in motivating and growing people as he leads by example whilst leveraging his strengths as coach and mentor. Roelof is an exceptional problem solver with the ability to identify and design frameworks for transformation of organisations to meet the demands of the agile digital economy.

Andy Zeeman

Director – Head of Change & Innovation

Andy ZeemanAndy is a remarkable coach, mentor, International quintessential HR Generalist Specialist. Andy acquired 3 degrees in commerce, having completed his M. Com in 2006. Andy was a registered Industrial Psychologist until 2013. For 20 years, Andy plied his trade in various industries, including manufacturing, service, retail and engineering and in organisations varying from small to big multi-nationals.
As a trainer and program creator Andy is well versed in creating and presenting courses on numerous topics. With a solid background in talent management, Andy is extremely skilled in learning processes, performance management and individual assessments.

Andy has managed various change management initiatives in his career, including turnaround strategies for organizations as well as process design and mastering staff efficiency.

Andy is the author of Find Fulfillment, a book on personal growth.

Carina Labuschagne

Head of Operations & co-founder of iBEST Africa

Carina LabuschagneCarina is a seasoned manager and highly experienced administrator in an array of public sector and business fields. Her superior knowledge and management skills make her a sought after individual and subsequently head-hunted several times during her professional career. She also received several merit awards and performance bonuses. Her multi-discipline experience includes roles and functions such as an administrator, analyst, and project- and programme manager with experience in strategizing, planning, budgeting, design, development and implementation, managing, maintaining and troubleshooting, of various and specific operational and development services.

Carina holds a BA degree and post graduate diploma in Higher Education. She has 19 years of experience in the public sector ranging from a teacher to administrator to Deputy Director. She has more than eight years of experience in the private sector from financial services sector to a marketing consultant and entrepreneur.

She possesses exemplary project management and coordination skills with an ability to build up teams, extend leadership and guidance to team members. Her superior problem solving, risk assessment and analytical skills are complimented by her ability to make observations, draw analysis and strategizing. Carina has very good communication skills and work across all departments to ensure that issues are identified and practical solutions are prepared. She has the ability, confidence, credibility and integrity to communicate, liaise and influence at any level with any or all parties involved from students to professionals; customers/clients, stakeholders, sponsors and even Ministers of Cabinet.
During her career she was Risk Manager of a Chief Directorate, Chair for Provincial Training Committee, served on Departmental Editorial Committee, Directorate Assessment Committee, Deputy Director Forum and Departmental Communication Forum. She has managed projects involving strategic management and reporting, land audits for state land, needs assessments, talent development, bursary scheme, mentorship programme, filing systems, inter-departmental projects to officiate launch of satellite imagery, career events, international events, donor funding for logistical support, policy and procedure development in human capital and talent development and state administration, knowledge management and management reporting. Coupled with her project management skills and her hands-on leadership style she is able to consistently deliver and commission projects on time and to budget.

Carina developed mentoring programmes to ensure proper coaching and mentoring of students to secure exceptional talent management and inclusion into a professional career. She utilized her communication skills and interpersonal relations to conclude a ministerial event with Public and Non-Governmental stakeholders successfully.